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Maya Vander Breaks Down After Pregnancy Mishap

Maya Vander has been one of the biggest names in the entertainment history of America. She has made her presence felt in multiple television shows. Maya is well known for her stint in Selling Sunset, which gave her a lot of fame and established her as a prominent face in the industry. However, the recent days of the star do not seem to be going well. Maya has been hit hard with one of the biggest tragedies a woman can ever face. A recent medical examination stated that the star was experiencing stillbirth. This was the hardest thing for Vander to believe. She was pregnant and was expecting her third child soon. Vander was very much excited about her third child.

She shared the news of her pregnancy on her social media handles as well. Maya stated back then that having three children was a blessing in her life. The tragic news came after thirty-eight of pregnancy. Maya stated that it was the saddest news one could ever hear. The actor said she was trying to get over the grief and a lot of people were helping her to do so. Maya said that most of the people asked about her well-being and gave her the strength to stay strong. Let us learn more about the tragic story of Maya Vander in detail below. 

Maya Vander Tries To Move On

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Maya Vander seems crestfallen after she had a stillbirth after almost six months of pregnancy. She said that trying to cope with the loss was very difficult for her. However, one must move forward in life and that is exactly what she is trying at the moment. 

Maya Vander posted on her Instagram about how she is moving in life. Maya stated that she liked to keep herself indulged in work. This would keep her distracted for a fairly long amount of time in her day and help in the healing process. 

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