Meghan King Shares Struggles Of Bathroom Training 4YO Son

Meghan King

Meghan King has recently turned to her a million Instagram followers for advice on potty training. In a video, she shares how her four years old son with cerebral palsy is facing some problems in the bathroom.

The star from the “Real Housewives of Orange Country” has explained that her son’s cerebral palsy is now affecting his muscles, and also, there are some other side effects that people should talk more about. She shared her experience with her child Hart. Meghan King, the concerned mother, is worried about how her toddler is almost in school and yet to learn potty training.

The mother stated in the video her views about the problems of her son. She says that she thinks her child has some sensory issues. In the two-minute-long video, she also said how initially she thought that he had some kind of sensation about the phrase ‘the go.’ However, she has realized that the child is also afraid of the toilet.

Meghan says Hart knows when he needs to use the facilities, yet he holds it. When his mother asks her not to poop in his swim trunks, he never does it. However, the child will hold it up and will poop in his pull-up at bedtime.

Meghan King Is Having A Difficult Time 

The star personality said that she has also tried bribing the little kid with all kinds of toys and pets, and yet it seems like nothing is motivating enough for him.

Meghan King shares how she leaves the boy naked around the house listening to his pediatrician, but the boy then pees in the house. The influencer has thus asked for some tips from mothers in her follower lists to potty-train her little boy.