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‘Me Too’ Singer Meghan Trainor Shares Post-Pregnancy Story

Meghan Trainor gave birth to her son Riley last year. Every new mom goes through extreme weight gain after giving birth, and Meghan Trainor was no exception. Postpartum depression is normal.

Meghan Trainor Recovered From A ‘Dark Place’

When things start to go in the opposite direction of something you have been working towards, things come crashing down on you. The same happened with Meghan Trainor. She gained a lot of weight when she was pregnant with her son. And even after giving birth, she gained weight. C- section was done on her, and she told herself that if she could tolerate a c-section, she could bare anything. She is a fighter and fought depression. The C-section scar bothered her for much longer than expected.

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Meghan felt vulnerable at times. Then started motivating herself to push through that difficult time and come around. She did eventually, she weighed 200 pounds after the birth of her son, started working out and could see the changes in herself, and lost over 60 pounds soon. She stayed dedicated and improved herself in time, she figured that eating healthy and doing routine exercise boosts her self-esteem and freshen her mind, once realizing this she become unstoppable.

Meghan said she wanted to be a great mom to her son, she overcome those moments. And now she is better than ever. Meghan shares her son Riley with Daryl Sabara, and they are thinking of bringing one more. She deals with ‘mom guilt’ on daily basis, as she is unable to spend more time with her son, who just started saying ‘momma’. Meghan Trainor is a working mom like any other woman in this century. Like them, she tackles both work and family life.

Meghan Trainor and Daryl are thinking about another child, but not at the moment, Meghan said she has had fun working and with tour shoots, she doesn’t wanna stop it at the moment with continuously feeling nauseous. Soon she will let the world know about everything.

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