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Melanie Griffith Is Back Again With Another Battle Scar From Skin Cancer

Melanie Griffith on her way for a drive last Friday showed off a large scar beside her left cheek. A closer peep into the photographs shows parts of a small laceration that appear to have been sewn and kept open for healing.  

Skin Cancer Hasn’t Pinned Down Actress Melanie Griffith Still

Confirmation about what this scar may be is still unknown as Griffith denies to comment. The 65-year-old actress looked quite ravishing in her black turtleneck paired with diamond studs and rimmed sunglasses with red glossed lips.  

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Back in 2018, Melanie Griffith shared a post with us in which she had a bandaged nose due to her surgery of removing parts of skin cancer from her face. The caption read that she got bandaged yet again after having dermabrasion, which is the final step to her now separated basil cell skin cancer. She warned her fans to be careful if they faced a similar condition and advised them to stay away from the exposed sun. She added to recommend the usage of sunscreen and getting their skin checked at the nearest dermatologist clinics as a precaution.

In a magazine interview earlier in the same year, the actress admitted to her fears in her battle with skin cancer especially when her entire career depends on it. ‘The face is what my work depends on’ the actress added. But she later composes the audience by saying all she has to do is wear a bandage which might make her seem like a dork but is fine.

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