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Melody Ehsani Welcomes Her Firstborn With Flea

Melody Ehsani has recently revealed that she is going to be a mother with Flea as she posted her picture with the baby bump on Instagram last July.

Flea, the bassist of the famous rock band RHCP is going to be the father of his third child at 60 years of age. As they said in their song Californication he might be paying his surgeon very well to break the spell of aging, because apparently he loves being a dad.

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The bassist is ready to welcome their firstborn with his wife Melody Ehsani on 12th December as confirmed on the Babylon red carpet.

Just before he announcing that their firstborn is soon to arrive in the world, Flea in an exclusive interview to the PEOPLE have said that he loves to be a father and they are just having another one.

He said that he is excited about sleeping again with a baby on his chest at night again. He said that the visuals of smelling the little breath of the baby and feeling them around is already making him excited.

Melody Ehsani Is Going To Have Her First Child With RHCP Bassist Flea:

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On the event the bassist of Red Hot Chilli Peppers shared he is filled with enormous joy despite being a little deprived of sleep.

On E! News he have also said that he have not been sleeping a lot but he is literally floating on a cloud called love.

The unnamed infant is the third child for the artist, who already has a child named Clara, 34, with his ex-wife Loesha Zeviar, as well as a son named Sunny Bebop, 17, with Frankie Rayder.

Melody Ehsani originally announced the pair’s pregnancy news on Instagram last July, while she posted a photo of her growing baby bulge.

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