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Mena Suvari Accuses Ex Of Sexual Exploitation

Mena Suvari is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. She is one of the most talented actors and has appeared in a number of famous movies. Apart from being an actor, Suvari also made a name for herself in modeling. One of the most praised aspects of Suvari was her ability to blend into any character that she was portraying. Such a talent earned her thousands of fans from all over the world. However, the recent confession that was made by the actress was not much on a brighter page.

Mena recently took to her social media and decided to share one of her darkest sexual experiences of all time. According to her recent statement, the actress was involved in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend during the initial days of her career. Unfortunately, their sex life was something that she wanted to forget completely.

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Mena Suvari stated that her boyfriend manipulated and exploited her in a sexual manner. She accused her boyfriend of forcing her to get involved in sexual activities with more than one person. Mena stated that having a threesome was something that she was not at all comfortable with. However, the forced sex scarred her experience and made her go into a state of trauma temporarily. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Mena Suvari Opens Up About Unconventional Sex 

Mena Suvari shared her experience and also reflected on what was her take on people opting for unconventional sex. Speaking about her own experience, the actor stated that she was terrified by the idea of having a threesome sex. However, she immediately said that it was her personal choice. 

Mena Suvari stated that she knew a lot of couples that loves and enjoys threesome and other methods of sex. Unfortunately, it was not her cup of tea that her ex-boyfriend forced her to have. Mena refused to reveal the identity of her ex-boyfriend to the public. 

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