Meta To Initiate NFT Testing On Instagram


Meta is one of the biggest points of discussion at the moment. No sooner was the news announced, than everyone started talking about the Metaverse. The company has recently revealed its plans going forward. They said that the governing body has discussed forming a standards body. They also stated that testing of NFTs on Instagram will be initiated soon. To enable this mode on Instagram, the platform will be taking the help of Spark AR, which is the platform for augmented reality.

For starters, the NFT testing will only be limited to Instagram stories as of now. The CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg has stated that this was a welcome step into the future. Mark stated that enabling the option of NFTs in an Instagram story will be beneficial for both the platform and the creators. Instagram is a hugely popular platform having a worldwide appeal.

NFTs are bound to get more traffic once they combine with the platform. However, the creators must also see this as a welcome opportunity to flaunt their collectibles. Zuckerberg also expressed his wish to expand the feature on Facebook as well. Meta has already released their digital collectibles for creators to share it across various social media platforms. Let us now learn more about the story in detail below. 

Meta Looking To Expand 

Meta is surely trying to change the future. They have announced the initiation of NFTs on Instagram stories. Mark Zuckerberg built on it and stated that the feature would be carried over to Facebook shortly as well. 

Meta is also planning to set up a standards body. They are looking to team up with various tech companies to build a better version of the web soon. Prominent companies like Epic Games, Adobe, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Microsoft have joined hands already.