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MetaBrewSociety Introduce Voting Rights For A Brewery

MetaBrewSociety has opted to give brewing the treatment of Web3. They are looking to implement an infrastructure that will allow the customers to decide on how a brewery will function. The holders will be handed over tokens that they can utilize to cast their votes and preferences regarding the smooth functioning of the brewery. The society is located in Munich, Germany. They are on their way to providing the right to vote and dictate the decisions of their local brewery. The basic components that they need to cast their votes will be nonfungible assets and a centralized autonomous organization.

The MBS was incorporated by a group of individuals who loved to drink beer. The organization was formed in the month of February and they expressed the idea of merging the metaverse with reality. The organization will be issuing several beer share certificates to interested parties. These certificates will have various levels of rights that will allow the owner to exercise their rights on the business. The physical brewery that is supposed to merge with MBS is also located in the city of Munich. The platform of Sandbox(SAND) will be serving as the potential location. The MetaBrewSociety hopes that it will attract a lot of customers. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

MetaBrewSociety Merges Reality With Virtual World

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MetaBrewSociety has taken a futuristic step recently. The MBS has stated each one of its holders will be eligible to get one hundred free beer cans every year. Hogler Mannweiler recently appeared in an interview with the Cointelegraph. 

Mannweiler stated that the most important role will be played by DAO. It will help in governing the business and will also prove to be a key component in researching about the customers. 

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