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MetaMask Gave A Warning To Users Of Apple Regarding Phishing Attacks

MetaMask, the provider of crypto wallets owned by ConsenSys, has recently warned the entire crypto community to stay safe from Apple iCloud phishing attacks. The users of iPad, iPhones, and Mac are all facing a security problem which was related to settings in the default device which could see the seed phase of the user or MetaMask vault which is password protected. All these will be safely stored on iCloud in case the user chose the option of automatic backups for the data application. 

MetaMask Warned People To Make Their iCloud Password Strong

MetaMask on Monday posted on Twitter that if a user does not have a strong password in Apple, they can lose money or will be constantly under such threats. This is due to the fact that an attacker can easily phish out the important details of the account from the device. 

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In order to prevent such issues, users must not opt for automatic backup in the iCloud option for MetaMask. In an official post on Twitter, MataMask stated that users who are going for iCloud backup must choose a strong password as if the hackers get the password of iCloud, then they can easily phish out the funds of an individual. 

This warning was given by them after a collector of NFTs with the Twitter name ‘revive_dom’ shared that his wallet which contained $650,000 worth of NFTs and other digital assets was taken regarding some issues in security. 

In another post, ‘Serpent’ the founder of the project DAPE NFT, also shared the story of the victim with his 277,000 fans and gave this issue some attention. The victim got numerous messages to set his password of Apple ID and also some calls from Apple which were all fake. After the general warning, ‘revive_dom’ showed his frustration and stated that the majority of people who knew this information would never have opted for the iCloud or the application.

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