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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Metaverse Could Erode A New Layer Of Privacy

While most researchers believe Metaverse to be a virtual world where people would work, research, socialize, and shop, some don’t have the same opinion in place. In fact, for some, it is just a point in time- which was reached in 2020 and into this year due to the global pandemic, when the digital universe became as important as the physical universe. Currently, this digital universe can be fairly explained as a shift away from the basic idea that the physical world is much superior to digital reality. 

Metaverse and the destruction of privacy

One can’t deny the advantages that Metaverse brings with itself- despite the apprehension that rears its head up. Currently, work for many has simply turned into a bunch of meetings on Zoom, with people buying real estate that is strictly virtual. Also, we can see children spending most of their waking hours playing Roblox and Fortnite.

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In fact, one could also attest the rebranding of Facebook as Meta as a sight that there would be no going back to the way things took place- as a major mass of people has already brought about the benefits of operating with a digital universe. 

But, with the emergence of the metaverse, one has to also account for the crashing of realities. Interestingly, this brings with it the realization that the minuscule shreds of privacy on the digital sphere that we previously enjoyed would soon be a form of a dystopian nightmare where would be arbitrarily banned from most of the virtual environments where we end up working, living, or playing. 

There is just a single way for Metaverse to not end up destroying the very fabric of society that binds us together- and that is through every citizen taking full responsibility for their actions. After all, there is always a distinct possibility that somebody would walk into our houses- which is why we keep our doors locked at all times. 

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