Metaverse Games Will Be Better If They Focused More On Playing And Less On Earning

Snow Crash
Snow Crash

If you think you aren’t a part of the Metaverse, think again, for Zuckerberg’s vision isn’t the only one out there. Humans have always provided a facsimile for the reality that they go through in their daily lives- for which you don’t a virtual reality headset. If TV, books, radio, or newspapers have ever provided you with access to multiple events that you didn’t attend physically, you have already experienced the reality that Zuckerberg dreams of. 

Metaverse Games Could Bring A Different Reality To Its Users

It is definitely not a coincidence that games usually dominate what people think about the Metaverse, or more widely, Web3. Our ingrained love for playing, our understanding that fulfilling games rely heavily on structures and rules, and our willingness to ascribe value to events as they unfold in them are integral to most cultures- from chess or soccer to Roblox.

The Web3 has also turned into quite an important part of the economy. As it stands, the global sports market has already reached around $400 billion over the last couple of years- even with pandemic lockdowns and the like. 

Therefore, it goes without saying that games would definitely lead the journey into a more diverse, immersive, and interconnected metaverse. It is also pretty plausible that games will continue in the delivery of major financial value to companies, consumers, and countries in their meta-realities. The recent bid of Microsoft to purchase the video gaming company Activision Blizzard in an all-cash deal certainly highlights this point.

Although it isn’t exactly clear how online game franchises will be integrating into a Web3 metaverse is yet to be seen but blockchain-based games that have increased to prominence so far such as Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and Alien Worlds.