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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Microsoft Surface Duo reviews are in, Facebook tries to connect college students – Video

This is and here are the stories that matter today.
Microsoft’s Android powered surface duo is out now and so are the reviews.
The consensus seems to be that the dual screen device is interesting, but needs some work.
cnet’s Scott Stein called it a first gen experiment.
The hinges are smooth and it is book like design, ensure it is stand out.
However Microsoft needs to tweak the program has their oddities and lagging is that make the 1400 dollar price tag a difficult sell.
Facebook has a new product called Facebook campus.
It can be an online space for college students.
Campus is meant to ensure it is easier for students to communicate with their classmates Sharon notes and find school updates.
Roughly 200,000 students in 30 U S colleges are an integral part of a pilot project for Facebook campus.
Google has redesigned Google finance for desktop and mobile.
The company says you’ll see real-time market info presented in a fashion that.
Quote, just make sense.
Additionally, Google Finance users will be able to build their very own Watch List of stocks.
That watch list feature will soon be expanded later this year in order to make your own personal portfolios

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