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Microsoft Testing Edge browser Web3

According to reports, Microsoft is working on incorporating a crypto and nonfungible token (NFT) compatible Web3 wallet into its Edge web browser.

Albacore, a software documenter and occasional information leaker, published a set of alleged Edge user interface (UI) screenshots demonstrating the early phases of the firm’s new Web3 wallet in a March 17 Twitter thread. When it comes to blockchain, they might not be the first brand that springs to mind. Yet, the corporation has been experimenting with the tech for so many years.

Microsoft Working On Web3

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It has inserted code that would incorporate a non-custodial crypto wallet into the company’s default Edge browser, according to screenshots provided on Twitter by Albacore, an anonymous software analyst from Central Europe. Albacore’s pictures show a cryptocurrency wallet user interface, a decentralized application developer, social media feeds, and the option to buy cryptocurrency using Coinbase and MoonPay. The feature is “currently baked in” to recent Edge browser releases, but it is concealed and inaccessible to consumers.

Albacore warns that Microsoft produces and evaluates a lot of products that never make it to market. Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s first web browser, was released in 1995, which was also the year of the Opera browser. Yet, whereas Microsoft retired Internet Explorer in favor of Edge last year, Opera has produced various generations of its site and integrated a crypto wallet and app connection with its Opera Crypto Browser. Albacore believes Microsoft’s move into crypto wallets is an attempt to compete with Opera’s closest rival, Brave Browser, a privacy-focused internet explorer that also supports Web3.

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