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Miley Cyrus Recounts Scarring Body-Shaming For Her 2013 VMA Performance

Miley Cyrus has not yet been able to recover 8 years after being the victim of body-shaming. On Sunday, Cyrus, now 28, took to Instagram to post a video where she wore a bodysuit that exposed a lot of skin. In the caption, she wrote how appealing it was and asked viewers to attend the upcoming summer festival in Milwaukee.

Miley Cyrus Remains Scarred

Miley Cyrus posted another picture in her story feed on Instagram showing off her behind while wearing the bodysuit. In this post, she talked about what she experienced in the form of body-shaming after her MTV Video Music Awards of 2013 appearance.

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She said that the reactions had scarred her by calling her a turkey butt. She included an animation in which a turkey was being eaten by a skeleton with an obvious speech bubble. It also had a twerking chicken butt.

In 2013, Miley Cyrus was the center of some unwanted shaming after she twerked in a two-piece on stage with Robin Thickie. About five years had passed since her extremely popular Hannah Montana show had ended. She was determined to change her image from that of a pure child star to an adult who knew about sexual identity.

After the performance, major tabloids called Miley Cyrus a star of Disney who had gone bad. Her performance was called an acid trip. Social media was also relentless as she ended up being the butt of several jokes and memes.

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In March of last year, Miley Cyrus talked about the experience in an interview with Demi Lovato. She said that the backlash had made her stop performing in skirts in live functions. Being called pasty and skinny also made her feel too bad to even put on any swimwear for the next 2 years. She added that the incident had made her feel like her confidence was a lie.

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