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Millie Bobby Brown Called The Media Gross For Sexualizing Young Women

Millie Bobby Brown, the star of the well-known series ‘Stranger Things’ spoke about the harsh way the media sexualizes young actresses in Hollywood. Millie Bobby Brown revealed her horrible experience in Hollywood where the majority of the media people are pressurizing her in her most vulnerable time. She shared this in the podcast ‘The Guilty Feminist’ on the 4th of April and mentioned that being a child artist is very hard. 

Millie Bobby Brown Shared Her Traumatic Teenage Journey

She stated that with the normal issues that a teenager face like friendship and relationship stuffs, she has to deal with a lot more. She shared that there is a constant fear of fitting into this environment which is quite a lot of work and meanwhile one also has to discover themselves along the way. However, she is coping with all these challenges with a million eyes on her constantly judging and criticizing her. 

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Millie Bobby Brown was cast in Stranger Things when she was just 12 years old and now after she turned 18, she could experience a lot of behavioral changes towards her. She felt the difference in how people treated her and especially people from the press and social media platforms. 

She termed this reality as gross and took her to stand against the sexualization of young celebrities in their transforming years. She also mentioned that she has been dealing with this for a long time. Millie Bobby Brown shared a story where she went to a red carpet wearing a poofy dress and was criticized by the media for its low cut. 

She wondered how could people discuss this rather than talking about the talent and the fantastic people in the award show. This negativity was the reason she stopped posting anything personal on her account. She just puts up stuff that she wants other young girls to see and get inspired.

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