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Monday, March 20, 2023

Millie Bobby Brown Talks About Her Epic Prank On Stranger Things Co-Star

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown visited on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week, when she revealed the prank she and the rest of the Stranger Things team performed on Noah. Millie Bobby Brown said that when she was getting ready to leave the set, she contacted Noah at 4 a.m. pretending to cry and telling him he needed to come to say goodbye to her.

Millie Bobby Brown added that she then carried out the second step of the plan by calling Schnapp and appearing to weep, stating that she was sorry that he wasn’t there to say goodbye to her and inviting him to base camp – but once he came, the cast and crew had a diabolical scheme up their sleeves. 

Millie Bobby Brown Had The Set Of The Tonight Show ROFL

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Millie Bobby Brown informed Noah she had a treat for him as he walked to set to bid farewell to the ‘upset’ Millie — when she and the entire crew attacked him with water balloons.

‘I find him in the center of the parking lot and raid him with about 20 people,’ she joked. She went on to say that Schnapp gave it his best but was still hit with water balloons for around fifteen minutes, and she’s currently “terrified” that her co-star is out to get her back. Millie’s story had the studio crowd and host Jimmy in fits of laughter, especially when they showed footage of Noah getting assaulted from all sides during the surprise water battle.

Stranger Things viewers will be reunited with fan favorites such as Eleven (Millie), Steve (Joe Keery), and Hopper in the forthcoming fourth season (David Harbour). Stranger Things’ fourth season premieres on Netflix later this month, and fan anticipation is strong, with the show’s actors offering intriguing hints about what we might anticipate.

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