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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Missed The CTC Stimulus Check? Here Is How You Can Ensure Your Monthly Payment

Millions of stimulus checks were issued as part of the Child Tax Credit payment. But many Americans are yet to get their money as the checks have been delayed for various reasons. If you haven’t received your CTC stimulus check, there could be several reasons behind the delay.

If your CTC stimulus check hasn’t been deposited through direct deposit into your bank, it could be arriving by mail. That will drag your payment till end-October as it takes anywhere between two and three weeks for a paper check to arrive through the US postal service.

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A technical matter in September delayed 2% of the payments. The IRS was unable to send the CTC stimulus checks to parents who recently changed their address or updated bank accounts using the Update Portal of the IRS.

The IRS has informed that such families might even have received overpayment due to the glitch. If only a single parent made any change to their home address or bank account on the IRS portal, it reduced the CTC amount.

Some parents received more due to invalid tax details from previous returns. It also affected their taxes.

Steps To Overcome Non-Payment Of CTC Stimulus Checks

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The recurring payments are credited to your bank account on the 15th of each month. If the check has been delayed, you should check out the Processed Payment section on the portal for information.

If the updated portal shows that the payment has been processed and dispatched, you should make sure that your banking details and your home address have been entered correctly. This is especially important if you have recently changed your bank or moved.

To do an online check, you have to register using your IRS ID and username. For first-time users, a photo ID will be necessary.

While checking your bank account for the amount, you need to check for any payment marked CHILDCTC. The IRS also has a facility for tracking your payment. You can request the IRS for a trace by sending Form 3911. It is advisable to submit for a trace even if you are not eligible for any advance payment.

Your payment can be traced after the passage of 5 days since the deposit date with the bank not being credited to the account. For paper checks, it is 4 weeks. For foreign addresses, a payment trace can be requested after 9 weeks.

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