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Moonstake Adds EVER Tokens With The Help Of Everscale

Moonstake announced it would add staking support for EVER, the Everscale blockchain’s native token, which was renamed from FreeTON earlier this month. Moonstake Wallet users may now transfer, receive, and own EVER on both the online and mobile versions of the app with this upgrade. EVER has only been supported by specialized EVER wallets until now, therefore Moonstake is the world’s first multi-asset wallet for EVER.

Moonstake And Everscale Are Now Partners

Moonstake began staking in 2020 to become Asia’s largest staking network. Since then, it has created the most user-friendly Web Wallet and Mobile Wallet (iOS/Android) with over 2,000 cryptocurrencies supported. The company joined the DeFi sector with Muse.Finance, a DeFi platform, in March 2021, and will continue to develop into the DeFi business.

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Everscale Network, on the other hand, is a blockchain built up of sub-governance DAOs. Everscale is a software development kit (SDK) that includes Solidity and C++ compilers, APIs, 13 programming languages, and client libraries for all major platforms, as well as local nodes for DApp testing, command-line tools, DeFi, NFT, tokenization, and governance. It includes strong development tools including a decentralized browser and a variety of wallets that may be used to power a variety of applications.

Everscale is a novel blockchain architecture that combines a scalable distributed global computer with the Ever OS distributed operating system.

Everscale, then known as Free TON, has previously launched a social media sharing campaign to encourage its community to promote Moonstake staking. Free TON had approximately 7,000 interactions and over 1,200 shares as a result of this campaign. Moonstake has been working with Everscale to allow sending and receiving EVER since then and has recently decided to add staking functionality as well.

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They want to offer new user experiences and interesting possibilities through a range of events in 2022, thanks to Everscale’s enormous worldwide community.

The Everscale blockchain has been integrated by Moonstake, which has added the network’s native currency, EVER, to its wallet and list of staking pairings.

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