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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

More Stimulus Checks Waiting For Signatures

Stimulus Checks are a very prominent and favored petition that was recently asked by Congress to sign another recurring payment of $2,000 to the adults and $1,000 to the children. These additional stimulus checks are most required by the general population of America until the Covid-19 situation ends. 

What Is The Urgent Need For More Stimulus Checks?

The majority of the people living in America not only suffered from the huge pressure of inflation but also lost their job due to the lockdown in the pandemic for a long time. Thus, the middle-class people suffered the most in this tough time. Meanwhile, Congress and the White House both were on the same page in regard to the needs of the working-class people and came forward with three new stimulus checks to tackle the increasing health crisis in the country. 

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Though the third stimulus check was issued last year by President Biden, as per his Rescue Plan for America, the country seemed to be still struggling with poverty. That is the reason there are a maximum of seven more stimulus checks that are still pending to get issued by the Government. More than six million people have signed these petitions which proves that they want to be heard desperately. 

As per sources, the petition filed by the restaurant owner Stephanie Bonin, for the recurring payment of $2,000 became very popular. The working-class people are struggling to pay rent and buy food for their families. Moreover, Congress is also asked to issue another stimulus check for the people who are eligible for the benefits of Social Security. 

The pandemic even made the lives of senior citizens tough as with the rise in the inflation rate, they cannot afford basic commodities like medicine and food. There have been many petitions to support these old folks with a stimulus check of $1,400 in regard to social security which means a source of income after retirement. 

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