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Multiple Proposals To Pay Stimulus Checks Directly To The Americans

There has been news that the citizens of America are given three propositions for paying them directly in the form of a stimulus check due to the rising gas price. This direct payment will be very similar to the concept of stimulus checks just with some variations. 

Energy Rebate Check Similar To Stimulus Check

The members of the House Democrats have tried to pass the numerous proposals for giving the majority of the citizen’s direct payments to help them pay for the gas price which is increasing daily. This proposal is quite similar to the stimulus check of $1,400 that was given to millions of people during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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The price of gas is more than $4 for one gallon and it is still rising daily. On Monday, the price of gas was $4.25 which was less than what it was one week ago but compared to the price of gas a month ago, it is $1.37 more. As per AAA, the low price of crude oil is one of the main reasons the price of gas is decreasing. Moreover, people are altering their driving habits by choosing other fuels, and thus, the price of gas has gone down a bit. 

A proposal was given by Reps. John Larson, Mike Thompson, and Lauren Underwood have given this idea the name of energy rebate where each person will get $100 monthly to pay for gas. They are planning to launch this rebate by the end of this year. 

An individual will be eligible for this payment if he earns $75,000 in a year and a couple if their total income is $150,000. Rep Peter DeFazio, wants to pass a bill where the Gouging Tax and Rebate Act will be banned and people must receive a monthly credit which will come after charging more interest to the oil companies.

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