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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

MUR Would Be Posting An EPS Of $0.07 For This Quarter

Several analysts have predicted that the stocks of MUR would be posting an EPS of $0.07 for the quarter, as mentioned by Zacks. According to a report put forward, most analysts have posted the estimates on the earnings of the company- whilst comparing with the highest and lowest range of earnings.

The highest estimate for EPS reported has been at $0.01, while the lowest has gone all the way down to $0.17. The company did post an EPS of $0.16 the previous year, which indicates a negative annual growth rate of about 143.8% MUR would be posting their next quarterly earnings results on the 28th of January.

The Quarterly Earnings of MUR

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The stocks of MUR came up with their previous quarterly earnings results on the 5th of November. The producer of gas and oil reported an EPS of $0.15 for this quarter, which competed with the consensus estimate set at $0.18. The company had a net margin which was at a negative 46.10%, with the return on its equity at a negative 3.06%. The revenue earned by the company for this quarter was $421.87 million, which was compared with the estimate of analysts at $474.04 million.

There have been quite a few research analysts who have commented on the stocks of MUR. KeyCorp has increased the price target on the shares of the company from $13 to $15, along with a rating of overweight on the stocks of the firm. Morgan Stanley also gave the company a rating of equal weight from a previous rating of underweight, along with a price objective that was set at $14, which was published in an 11th December research report.

Scotiabank, on the other hand, went ahead and lowered the price objective of the firm from $13 to $11 in a research report, along with the rating of the company which was fixed at underperform. 

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Three of the analysts covering the stocks of MUR have given it a rating of sell, while eight of them have given it a rating of hold. Six of them have given it a rating of buy. The price target of the company is $13.03, and the rating is set at hold. 

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