NASDAQ: EGAN Earns An Average “Buy” Rating From Stock Market Analysts


Nine stock market analysts have given an average “buy” rating to eGain Corp. Out of the one analyst, one issued a rating of “hold”. Meanwhile, eight analysts issued a rating of “buy” to NASDAQ: EGAN. The company’s one-year target price stands at $15.43. 

On Friday, eGain Corp started at $16.97. The company’s fifty days average moving price is $13.20. Its two-hundred average moving price is $10.39. NASDAQ: EGAN’s market capitalization is $523.53 million. 

How Did The Stock Market React To NASDAQ: EGAN Reports?

BidaskClub updated its rating of “hold” to a rating of “buy” during the Friday report. Roth Capital also updated its eGain Corp objective price to $21 from $15. They also gave NASDAQ: EGAN a rating of “buy” on 3rd September during the Thursday report. 

On 8th September, during a Tuesday report, DA Davidson started eGAIN coverage. They also announced a target price of $16.00 and issued a rating of “Buy”. Zachs Investment Research updated its rating to a “buy” from a rating of “hold” on 10th September during a Thursday report. They also announced a target price of $15.00 in NASDAQ: EGAN stocks. Last but not the least, Oppenheimer updated its target price to $16.00 from $12.00. Moreover, they also increased eGain Corp’s rating to “outperform” on 3rd September during a Thursday report. 

Which Investors Increased Or Decreased Their eGain Corp Stake?

Russell Investments Group Ltd increased its eGain Corp shares by 122.0 percent. They currently own an estimate of $131,000, which comes from 18,032 company shares. JPMorgan Chase & Co also increased their NASDAQ: EGAN shares by 876.8 percent. They currently own an estimate of $5,459,000, which comes from 744,875 company shares. Citigroup Inc also increased its eGain holdings by 41.0 percent. It currently owns an estimate of $42,000, which comes from 5,758 company shares. 

BNP Paribas Arbitrage SA also increased its NASDAQ: EGAN holdings by 123.0 percent. It currently owns an estimate of $46,000, which comes from 6,311 company shares. Last but not the least, Connor Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd recently purchased eGain Corp stake with $196,000. 

It should be noted that 54.61 percent of eGain Corp stock is owned by institutional investors. 

eGain Corp (NASDAQ: EGAN)is a software and customer engagement solution provider in the US, India, the UK, and offers. 

On 2nd September, dying a Wednesday report, the company announced its earnings for this quarter, which stands at $0.08 earnings per share. Stock market analysts had predicted that the NASDAQ: EGAN will earn $0.06 EPS. 

eGain Corp Inc’s return in equity and net margin stands at 24.73 percent and 9.91 percent respectively.