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NASDAQ: INOV Earns An Average “Hold” Rating From Stock Market Analysts

Inovalon Holdings Inc has been issued a rating of “hold” by twelve stock market analysts. Out of the twelve, one analyst issued a rating of “sell”, one issued a rating of “strong-buy”, four issues a rating of “buy”, and five issued a rating of “hold”. NASDAQ: INOV has an average of one year’s price target of $22.22. 

Which Stock Market Analysts Issued What Report To NASDA: INOV?

BidaskClub increased its rating to “strong-Buy” from a rating of “buy” on 11th September during a Friday report. Morgan Stanley also increased its objective price on NASDAQ: INOV to $25.99 from $18.00. They also issued a rating of “equal weight” on 31st July during a Friday report. SVB Leerink increases its price target on Inovalon Holdings Inc to $25.00 from $21.00. They also issued a rating of “outperform” to the company on 30th July during a Thursday report. 

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Citigroup boosted its target price to $26.00 from $24.00. They also issued a rating of “neutral” to NASDAQ: INOV on 11th August during a Tuesday report. Last but not the leafs KeyCorp increases its objective parade on Inovalon Holdings Inc shares to $29.00 from $24.00. They also issued a rating of “overweight” on 3rd September during a Thursday report. 

On Monday, Inovalon Holdings Inc started trading at $0.09. NASDAQ: INOV’s debt to equity ratio, current ratio, and quick ratio stands at 1.35, 1.88, and 1.88 respectively. The company’s fifty days moving price and two-hundred days moving price are $25.24 and $20.48. Its market capitalization stands at $4.26 billion. It’s PE ratio, price to earnings ratio and beta are 393.14, 3.26, and 0.70 respectively. The company’s fifty-two weeks low and fifty-two weeks high are $13.39 and $27.93 respectively. 

How Did The Market React To Inovalon Holdings Inc’s “Hold” Rating?

Marshall Wade Nitg American LP recently acquired Inovalon Holdings Inc shares worth $31,00. Similarly, Carroll Financial Portformulas Corp purchased NASDAQ: INOV stakes worth $37,000. USA Financial Portformulas Corp also bought Inovalon Holdings stand worth $40,000. 

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Another investor to invest $71,000 on NASDAQ: INOV recently is Macquarie Group Ltd. last but not the least, Financial Management Professionals Inc also acquired Inovalon Holdings Inc shares worth $73,000.

It should be noted that 33.44 percent of Inovalon Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: INOV) Stock is under hedge funds and stock market institutional investors. 

On 29th July, during a Wednesday report, Inovalon Holdings Inc last released its quarterly earnings. As per reports, the company’s earnings are $0.15 per share. Stock market analysts had predicted that the company would bring in $0.11 EPS. 

NASDAQ: INOV has a 1.75 percent net margin and a 9.09 percent return on equity. 

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