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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX) Hits Record 52-Week High

The share price of Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX) has successfully managed to hit a new high in 52 weeks at the time of the midday trading session on Friday. This happened following the increase in the price of the objective by Cantor Fitzgerald to $248 from $211 and gave a rating of ‘overweight’. The company traded at a $225.72 high with 242487 trading volume. Their stock had earlier concluded at almost $134.01.

The market cap of the firm is $12.86B with a -35.01 P/E ratio and 2.01 beta. Their current, quick, and leverage ratio is 2.81, 2.81, and 3.61. Their 50-day rolling average price is $123.51 while the 200-day rolling average price is $116.63.

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According to their 9th November report, the company had a quarterly EPS earnings of $3.21 that missed the $5.57 consensus estimate by almost $2.36. They had a 133.10% net negative margin with a 1,346.17% negative equity return. Their quarterly revenue was $157M as compared to the $230.56M estimate.

Market Undertakings Of NVAX Stock

B. Riley decreased the price objective of NVAX shares to $257 from $223. Jefferies Fin. Group assigned a price target of $200 along with a rating of ‘buy’. Zacks Research lifted the rating to ‘strong buy’ from ‘sell’ and allotted a price objective of $134. HC Wainwright demoted it to $207 from $290 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. The company has an average ‘buy’ recommendation with a $183.06 price objective.

John Trizzino, CMO, sold off 506 NVAX shares at $124.17 EPS worth $62,830.02. 3.30% NVAX stock is owned by insiders.

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Front Row acquired new holdings in Novavax stock and own $25,000 worth of shares. Duncker Streett purchased a new stake, owning $26,000 worth of shares. IFP Advisors acquired a new position, owning $26,000 worth of shares. Bedel Fin. Consulting acquired a new stake, owning $27,000 worth of shares. Harbor Advisory raised their position by almost 163.3% and own shares priced at $43,000. Institutional investors own 49.91% NVAX stock.

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