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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Gordon Ramsey Slammed For A New TikTok Video On Picking Out Lamb For Dishes

Following the publication of a TikTok video in which he selected a lamb for butchering and consumption, Gordon Ramsay found him in some hot water.

The 55-year-old celebrity chef is slithering into a corral with lambs in the video posted on Thursday. Gordon Ramsey, the celebrity chef, was seen picking out lambs, saying that he would eat them, which is why netizens slammed him all over the internet.

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He was also seen asking one of those lambs which of those lambs wanted to go first in the oven and then said you are pointing towards one of the lambs in the corral. This caused the lambs to scurry away.

However, ‘lamb sauce still not found in the…’ captioned video has also gained over 800000 likes.

That caption also refers to another viral video from 2006 where the chef was shouting to other chefs about where the lamb sauce was. However, even after demeanor, other people were charmed by Gordon Ramsey’s antics with distaste in the comments.

Gordon Ramsey Slammed By Netizens For Picking Out On Lambs: 

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One of the netizens said in the comments that he thinks the celebrity chef is finally lost. He said that someone should do something before it gets late. Another netizen has also said that they were not vegan or vegetarian, but the chef’s comments towards the lambs were not funny, and this time, Gordon Ramsey has crossed a line. Another person has also added that they are not vegan, but the video also made her sad. This sentiment was shared by many of Gordon Ramsey’s followers.

However, Ramsey has not gotten back at the commentators of his video.

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