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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Facebook And The Australian Government To Introduce New Laws

The social media platform, Facebook, has agreed on new terms with the government of Australia. They will be restoring some new pages in the country. This decision comes after the fact that they had restricted them for a few days.

Both Facebook and the Australian government reached the decision after negotiations. According to sources, a new set of laws for the media are to be introduced in the country. As per the newly introduced laws, different digital platforms will be made to make payments for the news they share.

Facebook On The Newly Introduced Decisions

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The social media giant updated a statement with regard to their meeting with the country’s officials. They made it known that the government of Australia has shown efforts in taking into consideration, the concerns of Facebook. These include the platform that Facebook provides to various commercial companies owing to the well-known importance of its influence in today’s world.

The social media giant also added that these newly proposed laws will help in furthering the investment over the subject of public interest journalism. And along with that, it will also help in the restoration of news that can be shared over Facebook for the people of Australia in future.

The administration of the prime minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, introduced some changes in the final minutes. As for the status of the bill, it is yet to be made into law. It had been introduced on the floor of the Australian parliament in the month of December 2021.

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In case the law gets passed, various platforms of digital media will have to make their payments. The ones at the receiving end will be the publishers and various outlets of local media. This has to be done in order to create a link in the content and search results of the platforms.

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