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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

New Stimulus Check Payments Have Been Announced- What Are Your Chances?

With several Americans dealing with the fallout of the financial insecurities caused by the Covid pandemic, a case can definitely be made on the impetus that a stimulus check payment provided. The disruption caused to the supply chain- which further results from the pandemic- has been a significant factor causing record-high inflation, which has definitely led to a strain on the budgets of many people.

But, despite the consequences of the pandemic that everyone has been able to witness, the government at the federal level hasn’t yet authorized another federal payment. The good news, though, is that several states have been stepping up to the plate and adding in direct payments that their citizens could get a boost. In fact, almost half of the states have already issued some form of payment to the citizens. 

Chances Of Receiving A Stimulus Check Payment

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In recent times, there has been news circulating over legislators in the states of Pennsylvania and New York announcing that more stimulus check payments would be distributed. In the state of New York, Governor Kathy Hochul and several other party leaders from the state legislature have also gone ahead and announced around 1.75 million people across the state receiving a payment of $270. In the state of Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf has mentioned that there could be a possibility of surprise stimulus check payments that come to a total of $1,657.50.

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Now, one can safely assume that these are just two of the many states that have decided to issue some funding to their citizens in times of need. This has, indeed, become so commonplace due to states receiving billions of dollars in federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. To put it simply, this was the act that the current President signed into law after he took office- with the payment guaranteeing a sum of $1,400 to people throughout the country. 

States that have been given some money from the federal government have budget surpluses- which are then used to offshoot some extra stimulus check funds to the public. Some states rightfully believe that the best way to use the extra funds would be to make them available for those who need them immediately. But the big question that it begets is- how does one know that they qualify for this payment?

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Now, since every state has been issuing a stimulus check payment of its own, the best way to find that out would be to keep up with news from the Department of Revenue of the state where they live. One could also visit the website of the Department of Revenue in their state to not miss out on notifications that could prove to be important. If one manages to keep proper tabs on the state stimulus efforts, they would be sure as to when the money is coming to their bank accounts. Since it is abundantly clear that the federal government has no plans for another stimulus payment, one would have to keep an eye out for state legislators. 

Citizens Of New York and Alaska Would Receive Some Form Of A Stimulus Check Payment From The State Government

Interestingly, the stimulus check payments that the citizens of New York could receive would be the Additional NYS Child and Earned Income Tax Payment- which is also meant to deal with the cost of inflation. This would be issued by the Department of Taxation and Finance in New York. As per the office of the Governor, claimants who had previously filed for a tax return back in 2021 and have already received the Empire State Child Credit and the Earned Income Credit would be eligible for the payment.

The check should ideally be included under both of the payments and will be issued out automatically, with the minimum amount coming to around $25. While some are expecting the checks to be issued by the end of October, there could be a possibility of delay for those who need to issue the state with some extra information. 

It has also been announced that the state of Alaska would be distributing the first batch of the oil-wealth dividend stimulus check payments to residents quite early in 2022, as it would be paired with a one-time energy relief payment that has been devised to help the citizens of the state with high costs of energy. The state will be distributing the direct payments that would be coming into multiple bank accounts by the 20th of September, with every single resident that applies to receive a sum of $3,200. This was reported by the Governor of the state, Mike Dunleavy, and the Department of Revenue of the state.

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

It has also been announced that the paper checks for this payment will be coming out in October. In a tweet, the Governor stated that he was quite happy to bring about the PFD deposit day- which will be quite early this year, on the 20th of September, and the dividend will be thought to exceed a sum of $3,200 per person. The citizens of the state had already been waiting for close to 7 long years in order to receive a sizable and fair dividend, and this couldn’t have come at a better time. 

Most of the residents in Alaska usually receive a yearly dividend which has now been construed as a stimulus check payment. The payments are usually distributed in the early fall. For this year, the payments will also be incorporated into a one-time energy relief payment that will be intended to help residents with extremely high energy costs that have continually been increasing over the last few months. This means that the Department of Revenue for the state will definitely be filtering through close to 78,000 applications in order to determine how many residents would be eligible for the stimulus check benefits.

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