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Friday, August 12, 2022

A New Stimulus Check Will Be Given To The Residents Of Colorado

There has been no news of a new Federal stimulus check policy in America, however, a Governor of Democrats proposed a fast track check for the people. Though there was quite a buzz about a fourth stimulus check from the Federal Government, statements released from the White House gave hints that it was a bad idea. However, the Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis declared legislation that will provide financial assistance to the eligible families of America. 

A stimulus Check Worth $400 Will Be Distributed In Colorado

Jared Polis joined hands with the legislature of the state and gave a Cashback program with an objective to help the middle and poor-class families by distributing a stimulus check worth $400. This announcement by the Governor came at an essential time when the inflation rate in the country is rising each and every day. 

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As per the Labor Department report, the rate of inflation in the country is currently 8.5% which is the highest record in the past 40 years. The citizens have to pay more each and every day for necessities like groceries, rent, gas, medicines, and other commodities or services. The cost of living is rising and the purchasing power of the people is decreasing gradually. 

In the words of the Governor, the common people has no fault in this situation and hence they should not suffer. He decided that instead of holding back the money of the citizens, he would give them back as a stimulus check payment. These checks will be given to those, who will file their income tax return for the year 2021 by 31st May. 

This stimulus check would provide an amount of $400 to an individual and $800 to married couples who would file jointly. This legislation if passed will provide the direct payment by 15th September. The eligible families or individuals will get the check directly by post.

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