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Friday, December 9, 2022

Stimulus Checks Proposals Are Introduced By Congress

The majority of Americans are in shock about the rising costs of living along with the increase in the gas price. To cope with the increasing gas price, Congressmen are reviewing proposals of a stimulus check to offer relief to the citizens. 

New Stimulus Checks Are Coming As The Gas Price Is Increasing

The city of Los Angeles became the first one to announce the average price of gas as $6 and even more. Thus, there are several proposals coming to the White House for a new stimulus check to pay for the gas money or to increase the tax rate on the companies that supply oil. 

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A fresh proposal was given by Reps. John Larson, Mike Thompson, and Lauren Underwood about a monthly stimulus check. The lawmakers of Congress have proposed the Gas Rebate Act, 2022, where the citizens of America would receive a monthly energy rebate worth $100 for every individual and a separate $100 for every dependent. This monthly payment will be provided as long as the gas price is more than $4 in 2022. 

In the words of Thompson, the invasion of Russia into Ukraine has increased the price of gas all over the world, and thus, he stated that he is working with others to pass legislation that would take some burden off the shoulders of middle-class American citizens in the form of stimulus checks. This rebate will follow the same eligibility criteria as the last stimulus check. 

Another initiative was taken by Rep. Peter DeFazio who has proposed the legislation of Stop Gas Price Gouging Tax Rebate Act, where the corporate oil companies will be excessively charged with tax, and that same money will be given to the people who are struggling in the global crisis. 

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Moreover, in California, the lawmakers of the state have introduced an idea to provide a $400 rebate for gas to every person who pays tax as a form of stimulus checks.

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