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Nick Cannon’s Talk Show Gets Cancelled After Six Months

There has been news that the star host, Nick Cannon got fired recently. As per the sources of Page Six, the talk show where Nick Cannon was the host was declared canceled after being on air for six months only. 

Nick Cannon Failed To Give A Hit Show

The entire staff of the show is yet to be confirmed as all the previous cast were not happy with the outcome of the show and are presently looking for a better job.  Nick Cannon got this big opportunity by impressing some producers when he was hired as a substitution for Wendy Williams. The audience loved his talents when Nick Cannon continued the show for a long time in her absence due to her ill health. 

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All the audiences were excited for Mr. Mariah Carey, as his previous show on Fox, ‘The Masked Singer’ was a big hit with record-breaking views of approximately 17 million in 2018. As per Deadline, this show was on the top of all the shows. 

There were rumors that Cannon will replace William if her health would not get any better. However, the ratings stated otherwise, as Cannon’s show only had 400,000 viewers while William’s show has an audience base of 600,000. Moreover, sources state that the show cannot promise any growth in the future and because of that a new talk show will be aired as a replacement with Jennifer Hudson as the host. 

Nick Cannon was furious as the ‘Wendy Williams Show’ was supposed to be a big hit and as it was aired before his show, a boost was expected. However, with the personal drama that William is going through, her show is not helping Nick Cannon at all. 

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There has been news that Nick Cannon was fired for a short period of time by ViacomCBS in 2020. This decision was taken as he made an anti-semitic comment while he was hosting “Wild ‘n’ Out”. However, after he made an apology to the public, he was rehired again.

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