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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Nick Jonas, Musician, Shaves Off His Facial Hair After A Long Time!

Nick Jonas, a musician, finally shaved off his facial hair after a long time! On Thursday, alongside his new TikTok video, he wrote that he hasn’t shaved in a long time. The video made Priyanka Chopra react! Nick is finally bidding farewell to his facial hair. 

Priyanka Chopra Reacts To The New Look Of Nick Jonas With Three Cute Emojis!

On Thursday, the singer of “Spaceman” showed off this new look to his fans! The 28 years old musician added the phrase “Fresh Face” as the caption. In his TikTok video, Jonas appears shirtless while shaving cream all over his face and checking himself out in the mirror in his bathroom. After that, Nick Jonas proceeds to shave his stubble with a razor! He later took to Instagram to show this new look to his fans. Priyanka Chopra, wife of Jonas approved this new look with three cute smileys that suggested Chopra falling in love with this new look of Jonas. Ryan Tedder used the word Yungin in the comments section while Joe Jonas, his brother, joked about Jonas’ new look. 

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Earlier in 2021, Nick Jonas talked about his status on sex symbols and the constant attention he receives because of his looks! He added that while the attention seems flattering, in the end, it is a very nuanced thing to receive daily. He also added that while he doesn’t take all of these things seriously, he has learned to just laugh his heart out by reading the comments. When Nick Jonas was asked whether his dazzling looks impacted his music career, the star replied that he doesn’t know whether he should be commenting on that because his good looks are just a part of him! 

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