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Thursday, March 4, 2021

No iPhone 12, now what? Apple’s September event preview – Video

It’s about that season again, Apple’s big September event.
We’re discussing new hardware, new computer software and new services but unlike every other year, there can be something missing the iPhone.
So exactly what are we getting?
The scene is set.
Apple’s next big launch event will take put on September 15, at 10am pacific time.
Location, your screen, that is correct.
Brace your self for still another virtual event probably like what we saw at WWDC in June, which can be not a bad thing.
Now there are different theories about this invite.
First off, we take it at face value, time flies means the Apple Watch would be the headliner, and possibly the flies is in reference to the air, an Apple watch air because there’s a big rumour that there might be a cheaper Apple watch too.
But then there’s also a clear augmented reality component to all of this because in the event that you click on the logo, It prompts this great AR animation that turns it to the date.
So maybe Time flies actually means time of flight, as in the depth sensing LIDAR sensor that has been on the brand new iPads, and was rumored to be on the iPhone 12.
And so maybe it isn’t off the table Plus, the blue color is meant to be replacing them.
midnight on the iPhones and they go, Okay, let us hold off for a sec.
Now look, we can sit here and obsess within the invite throughout the day.
But it has been such a crazy year that actually anything might happen in 2020.
So let us just discuss what we realize which is that Apple has registered several different products with the Eurasian economic commission.
This is something that Apple has to do before launching a product in those markets.
And it has been a pretty good indicator of what’s ahead.
Now essentially, it’s different versions of two services and products, an Apple Watch and an iPad.
So let’s discuss that new Apple Watch Series 6.
Last week or actually earlier this week Published a video of what things to expect that i will link below but essentially, you are getting a similar form factor as a series five, but with a better battery life for more robust sleep tracking, plus some kind of new health feature likely SPO two or blood level tracking.
There’s also a rumor that there might be a surprise guest this year which can be an Apple Watch s E.
We’re uncertain about the name quite yet, but it is just a cheaper version of the Apple Watch, this might have the same form factor as the current series three, but maybe with a plastic case, but also with a better processor.
Now on the iPad front, we have been definitely due for a refresh of the iPad Air which can be exactly what we may be getting.
So Rumor has it.
It’s going to obtain a makeover just like what the iPad Pro looks like.
So those flat edges and that larger display, no home button but also no face ID so Apple would actually move the Touch ID to either the power button or to the sides of the tablet.
And perhaps switch to USB C as well.
But what is a given is that it would have a better processor, it currently has the a 10 chip.
And exactly that better processor would allow it to have more AR kit capabilities, that might serve to describe that little animation that people saw in the invite.
But there is also very slight Slight possibility that we’ll see a LIDAR sensor about it although I suspect that Apple could keep it being an exclusive on the Pro.
And then I’m gonna throw that one out there because I’ve found out about it but I don’t believe it’s going to happen.
iPad Mini may also be possible
So with one of these products out in the wild, it could only seem sensible for Apple to also release their corresponding OS updates.
Now watch OS seven is just a no brainer.
That’s after that activate that new sleep tracking feature on the Apple Watch along side that new COVID handwashing feature and dense tracking and a lot of other new features, I’m gonna link that video on underneath if you’re interested to find out what else watch OS seven is bringing to your Apple Watch.
But then iPad OS gets a little bit tricky because it’s so tied into iOS 14, that it would only make sense to launch those two together and meaning Not awaiting the iPhone launch.
And Apple might not might like to do it.
But if they do, why not just release every thing at that point?
So Mac OS and TV OS as well.
After all, look, they are in beta for long enough and, and I know don’t think that people should wait any longer for them but this is uncharted territory and again, we don’t know
[SOUND] And then we have the services.
So last year Apple went all in on subscription services like Apple TV plus news plus Apple arcade.
And we’re not done yet because this year there exists a very big possibility that Apple will launch a fresh,
Fitness subscription service a lot like peloton but without the bike that you can potentially do in the home.
It’s primarily geared for the Apple Watch, but you also can cast it on your own Apple TV, on your own iPad on your iPhone to follow along with along.
And there’s a lot of third party apps that already do this on the Apple Watch, but that one would be indigenous to Apple.
It would kind of work kind of like what Fitbit does with Fitbit premium.
And if this really is already sounding like so many subscriptions to help keep track of from Apple, this is where Apple one comes in.
This is going to be a fresh bundled service from Apple where you can include different types of services like iCloud or Apple Music are the ones that I recently mentioned, really anything that you would like nine to five, Google already found a mention of this in the code of the Android version of Apple Music.
So there exists a big chance that this may be happening soon.
Now with that iPhone out of the equation is this going to be adequate?
To cover a full two hour long event because that’s just what Apple has slotted and I’m certainly not sure.
So just to cover my bases I’m gonna go through a few the other services and products that are rumored to be in the works that may make an appearance at the September 15th event.
Going from most likely to least likely.
And to start is the air tags or the physical version of the Find My iPhone which would enable you to track almost anything.
Then there is also those air pods studios which would be the over the ear canal air pods.
Similar to the present beats, then you certainly have a more compact, cheaper house pod And then the airpower mat due to the fact that their always in the setting.
And perhaps you should a thirteen inch MacBook Pro in addition to AR spectacles because this will be such a great year in order to launch FLADEM?L glasses, yet I don’t believe they’re prepared yet.
So what do an individual guys consider is going to be that you more thing with this event will be the iPhone 13 going to make a great appearance at least a talk about?
Let myself know within the comment segment below.
Also I want to tell you that we will need a reside show for your apple event starting from 9:30am on Tuesday, so please come along as we talk about latest learn about the event.
Then we’re furthermore going to be speaking through the keynote and then have a very post event analysis in addition to our house of those brand new Apple goods.
So I am going to see you on the apple.

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