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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

No More “Like” Buttons For Facebook Celebrity Pages; Gets New Layout To Enhance Fan-Interaction

Facebook’s “Like” button is like the most popular design prompt for the social media company. However, according to the latest news, the company is now to get rid of its “Like” button for celebrity pages. But that is not the end of the story. With this deduction comes another addition. The company is now focusing on how to make these pages more interactive.

The app posted a statement on January 6,2021 introducing the new Pages experience. The redesigned version of Facebook pages rolls out with a motto: to make it simpler for celebrities and public figures to reach out to their fans and audience and build a community on this platform to make their business objectives smoother.

Facebook To Revamp Its Pages With A Fresh New Layout

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Facebook lists out the number of changes that is going to happen to the layout of Pages. It includes a redesigned layout that is more intuitive and simpler, a dedicated news feed for Pages that can be used to track trends, a Q&A section to talk directly to fans, discover conversations, follow and engage with new peers and fans.

Among other changes, Navigation between business and personal profiles have been simplified. You can also expect to get insights that you can work upon along with a reduction in irrelevant notifications.

But Facebook users are shocked with the removal of the “Like” button from the Pages that has been a definitive hallmark of the social media platform for more than a decade. Along with this, the company has also removed the Like count feature.

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According to Facebook, this will bring out the real fanbase. There are several pages on Facebook that we have liked but have since never followed up on. These like counts do not provide the actual fan figures. From now on, fans will be able to “Follow” pages and vice versa. This is likely to enhance interaction with fans and the quality of Facebook Pages a lot.

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