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Sunday, October 17, 2021

No More Stimulus Checks As These Relief Programs End

This fall, a financial cliff awaits many Americas as key relief measures for the coronavirus pandemic reach their pre-set dates of expiration. It is estimated that millions will be pushed into economic uncertainty.

People Still Need Stimulus Checks

The relief programs are ending at a period when the daily average of coronavirus cases being registered is more than 150,000. The new delta variant and its rampant spread is the cause as stated by the latest data published by the CDC.

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As a result, everyday Americans, advocates, and politicians have rallied for another stimulus check for the pandemic. However, it does not seem likely that this will happen. But other ways are available to households in the United States who are having difficulty paying bills and debts. These can cover for the relief aids which are soon ending.

Several emergency assistance programs are ending. The majority of them were a part of President Biden’s package for pandemic rescue worth $1.9Tn. The bill was approved in the middle of March. The most popular feature of the law is probably the stimulus checks worth $1400.

Another significant relief aid was a weekly boost worth $300 for anyone being paid unemployment benefits. These bonus payments will officially cease after 6th September or Labor Day. Then again, over 12 states have already cut off pandemic benefits from the federal government.

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The COBRA assistance for health insurance is also ending on 30th September. Workers who have been laid were getting their entire premium for health insurance paid under this relief aid. The CTC payments that were going out every month have been a great help for families with children. But 15th December will be the last day this check will be sent. But there are plans which might see it getting extended.

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