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Thursday, February 9, 2023

North Korean Hackers Makes It Big

North Korean hackers have been targeting the NFT market by setting up nearly 500 fake NFT-related phishing websites in the past few months. The perpetrators behind these attacks are using an innovative tactic to steal users’ Ethereum funds. By redirecting them to these fake sites, they trick users into entering their private keys and then proceed to steal their funds.

North Korean Hackers Uses 500 Domains

  • The hackers have set up nearly 500 fake NFT-related phishing websites in the past few months.
  • The hackers are using these fake websites to target users and steal their crypto, personal data, login credentials and other personal information.
    • Read the email carefully, and only click links if you’re sure they’re legit.
    • If you get an email from a bank or any other institution that requires personal information, go directly to the company’s website instead of clicking on any links from your inbox.
    • Don’t download attachments from emails unless you’re 100% certain that it’s safe and will come from someone who actually knows you (if this is happening at all).

      This is a reminder that it’s always important to stay vigilant when it comes to protecting your cryptocurrencies. While we can’t say for sure if all of these sites are still active today, we have seen that many of them have been taken down or shuttered in recent months. However, with hundreds more still out there, there will continue to be plenty of opportunities for hackers and criminals alike to try their hand at stealing other people’s digital assets using phishing scams like this one!

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