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Thursday, February 9, 2023

North West Imitates Her Mother As A Joke

Being a Kardashian-West child, North West has always been in the public eye. And she seems to enjoy it all, she loves the attention like any other Kardashian. North West has always been veracious, be it on camera or off.

North West ‘Kardashian’ Moment Viral On Tiktok

Previously North has been on and off Kim’s Instagram stories. And Kim is frustrated rather exposed to North’s comments. North made it clear every time how her mom has been making things up, how she talks differently on camera or doing makeup in her Instagram videos. Kim used to get annoyed every time North said something. Kim used to share how her children drove her crazy.

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North West and Kim Kardashian have a TikTok account together where every now and then North can be seen posting videos. Recently she published the most cringe Kim Kardashian moment of all time, voice clips from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

North tried mimicking her mother Kim from the Balenciaga fashion show outfit, wrapped in Balenciaga caution tape. North wore a black t-shirt and wrapped Balenciaga over it, with a blonde wig and with Balenciaga shades. Showing off her mom’s skims product. North shows off her lavish lifestyle frequently on her TikTok account, though her father Kanye West is not a fan of his daughter having a TikTok account.

North West savage comments on her mom’s outfit and the way she talks are hilarious. In the recent viral video that reached over 5.2 million views, North showcased her mom’s products with lipsyncing KUWTK voice clips. Kim shared with Jimmy Fallon on Jimmy Fallon’s show, how once North rolled down the car’s window and started yelling She is North her mom is Kim and her dad is Kanye, it was embarrassing for Kim. Hence again proved that North knows her worth and loves attention. A week ago she gave the world a sneak peek of her grandmother’s 67th birthday bash.

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