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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Nvidia launches new Ampere GPUs, Facebook’s election plan – Video

This is and listed below are the stories that mattered this week.
Nvidia rolled out its new ampere based RT x 3000 series graphics cards with the top of the line r tx 3090 that the company claims can handle 8k in 60 frames per second gameplay.
We also heard about the 3080 and 3070, the most common better faster replacements because of their predecessors, the RT x 2080 and 2070.
Essentially, the 30 generation of the GeForce cards are intended to give you the performance with ray tracing and dlss Then we expected when Nvidia first announced the RTX line, Samsung on Tuesday provided more details about its new Galaxy z fold 25G, which at first showed off at a virtual unpacked event on August 5.
The biggest tidbit shared throughout unpacked Part 2 was the device’s price.
$2,000 in america, while $2,000 is quite expensive for many people, specially in the middle of a pandemic, the pricing has been worse.
Samsung packed features into the Z fold 2 that address most of the complaints with the older model and ever find the foldable into a much more sleek, luxurious device.
And finally, Facebook says it’s going to limit new political advertisements during the final week of the November election.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook will continue steadily to add context to posts that seek to broadly D legitimize Malan voting or the results of the election.
Additionally, the myspace and facebook will remove posts with implicit misrepresentations about how or when to vote.
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