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Nyan Heroes Has A Noble Aim Of Sheltering A Billion Cats

Nyan Heroes, a cat-themed play-to-earn NFT game, has been aiming to save almost a billion cats from getting euthanized in shelters across the US. The game is an up-and-coming NFT battle royal shooter-style game which has been built on the platform of Solana, which would allow most players to compete with each other through their NFTs which would depict animated cats that would be used to pilot mech-robot NFTs in the game from this project. 

Nyan Heroes Has A Noble Cause Ahead Of Itself

The project of Nyan Heroes, based in the United States, has been in development since October, and the game will surely be released in the last quarter of this year. Its first drop of NFT is currently available for holding and trading on quite a few marketplaces such as Fractal. According to data received from Solana Art, the game is the fourth-highest NFT project on Solana simply in terms of its seven-day volume and market capitalization, with around $279,000, and $18.2 million respectively.

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In one of their several interviews with Cointelegraph, the co-founder of Nyan Heroes, Wendy Huang, went on to outline the charitable vision of the firm as they move forward- along with showing a rundown of the upcoming game. Huang has been a major part of the crypto industry since 2016 and has also built a pretty successful career as a content creator which ranges all the way from video blogs to DIY blogs, music, pranks, and has around 14 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Huang has stated that Nyan Heroes has the ambitious goal of saving a billion cats from euthanization in most animal shelters through charitable donations which would be generated from portions of the sales of NFT.

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