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NYC GOP Lawmakers Are Being Harassed By Big Social Medis Platforms

There have been some allegations made against Twitter and Facebook that they are refusing or disabling the check of the accounts of some members of the NYC GOP of the council. This incident has waged a war among them as the situation is getting serious after the same thing happened with an individual from Ukraine who turned into a national figure. 

Facebook And Twitter Are Stifling With NYC GOP Council Members

Inna Verniko is a Councilwoman of the party Republican from Brooklyn and was born in Ukraine. She was even denied the request to verify her status by Twitter without any prior notice or explanation. After this incident, she stated in a mocking tone that it is a similar condition to USSR. She took a stand and in her opinion, Twitter’s action was because she is a conservative and they are trying very hard to cut off all the voices of the conservatives. 

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Verniko won a seat on the turf of Democratic last year and became famous after that. She has nearly 11,000 followers on Twitter and recently met with Donald Trump, the former President of America. As per her complaint, her Facebook account was also suspended during her last campaign. NYC GOP councilwoman also recently got a notice on 22nd March from Facebook which stated that they are suspending her official account. 

The notice stated that the activities of her account did not go with the standards of Community followed by Facebook. She always has maintained one official account for the communication of political stuff to the people, however, it was taken down apparently because it violated some of their rules and regulations of which she was not informed. 

There are two more NYC GOP members of the council named Joann Ariola and Joe Borelli, who are also not provided with the verified title that they are officials who have been properly elected.

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