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Sunday, September 25, 2022

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Blasts Social Media And Gun Safety

Mayor Eric Adams, along with David Banks, the Schools Chancellor of New York, and officials of the NYPD, held a conference on safety in schools and in general following the elementary school massacre at a Texas elementary school. The Mayor also hit out on social media for condoning glorifying violence, and the impact it was having on children.

Eric Adams displayed a sickening video of several kids waving guns and talking about catching a body, a euphemism for murder. The mayor said that the children should not be blamed for the mess as it is we who have created it. He said that we are betraying our children.

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He said that despite being aware of this culture of violence, social media was encouraging it. He said that we are creating a ‘perfect storm of violence.’

Mayor Eric Adams Called For Laws To Rein In The Gun Lobby

Earlier, President Biden had decried the massacre as carnage and called upon representatives to act and rein in the gun lobby.

America has been wracked by successive mass shootings in a nation where buying automatic rifles is as easy as buying chocolates, thanks to Conservatives who have fallen upon the centuries-old Second Amendment to justify people possessing guns capable of killing dozens in minutes.

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Eric Adams said that while we sacrifice a lot for our children, it is time to introspect and question what we have become as a society. He said children around America must be watching and questioning their parents as to how they allowed it to happen.

He pointed out that children are shooting other children. He offered his earnest condolences to the families bereaved by the Texas tragedy. He said that we need a lot more than just thoughts and prayers.

He spoke of guns everywhere including schools, as more guns keep coming no matter how many are removed. Eric Adams said that even though 2,900 guns have been removed off the streets, more keep coming and called for a change in firearm laws.

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