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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Delta Airlines (NYSE: DAL) Expected to Post $4.02B Quarterly Sales by Brokerages

Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) is expected to post sales of $4.02 billion for this ongoing quarter by the equities analysts of Zacks on 28th April, Wednesday. The company has the lowest estimate of $3.30 billion while the highest being $4.52 billion. They released $8.59 billion in sales last year this quarter, indicating a 53.2% annualized negative growth rate.

On Wednesday, the firm started from $47.62 and the market cap is $30.39 billion in the stock market. Their lowest in 1 year is $17.51 while the highest s $50.20. The current, quick, and leverage ratio of the stock is 1.27, 1.23, and 8.88. Their 50 day rolling average is $43.30 while 200 days is $37.42.

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According to the 13th January report, the quarterly EPS earnings of the stock were $2.53, missing the $2.50 consensus estimate by almost $0.03. The company had a 42.88% net negative margin with a 36.69% negative equity return. Their revenue was $3.97 billion, surpassing the $3.59 billion estimate.

DAL Stock Market Ventures

Raymond James demoted the rating of DAL stock to ‘market perform’ from ‘outperform’. Jefferies Fin. Group assigned a rating of ‘hold’ and gave a price objective of $40. Argus lifted the rating to ‘buy’ from ‘hold’ and gave it $48. Cowen decreased the rating to ‘market perform’ from ‘outperform’ and allotted $44. The firm has an average ‘hold’ rating with a $44.43 price objective.

Glen Hauenstein, President, sold off 60,586 DAL shares at $43.46 EPS, worth $2,633,067.56. Insiders own 0.63% Delta stock.

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Oder Management purchased new holdings in Delta stock and owned $25,000 worth of shares. Reby Advisors bought a new stake, owning $25,000 worth shares. Dimension Cap. Management Bought a new position, owning $27,000 worth of shares. Hexagon Cap. Partners acquired a new stake and own $28,000 worth of shares. 59.48% of DAL stock is owned by institutional investors.

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