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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

NYSE:CCK Has Been Raised to Around $105 by the Royal Bank of Canada

The target price of NYSE:CCK has increased from $85 to $105 by several equities researchers at the Royal Bank of Canada- in one of the many research reports that were sent out to investors and clients according to The Fly. The company has a present rating of ‘outperform’, strictly based on the stocks of this industrial products firm. The price objective set by the Royal Bank of Canada has suggested an increase of about 16.43% from the previous close. 

The Research Reports Published By Equities Firms Regarding NYSE:CCK

There have been several research firms who have drawn reports on this company. JPMorgan Chase is one of them who has lifted the price objective on the company’s shares from $85 to $104 in a Wednesday research report. The shares of NYSE:CCK has also been increased by ValuEngine who increased the rating from a sell to a hold- in a 13th August research report. Wells Fargo & Company, too, lifted the price objective of NYSE:CCK from $87 to $100, while giving the company a rating of ‘overweight’ in a Wednesday research report. Seaport Global Securities also covered the shares of this company where they set a rating of buy, along with an objective price of $92. Citigroup also joined the competition as they lifted the target price on this company from $78 to $82, while giving them a rating of buy on the stocks. There have been around four research analysts that have been giving the stocks a rating of hold, while there are eleven research analysts who have given the company a buy rating. Currently, the rating for the company is Buy, with a price target of $93.46. 

The Quarterly Earnings of NYSE:CCK

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The shares of this company had a strong opening of $90.18 last Thursday. The market cap of this company is around $12.15 billion, with a PE ratio of 23.61. The beta is 1.25, and a P/E/G ratio of 3.16. The simple moving average for 50 days for this firm has been around $77.84, and the 200-day simple moving average is $69.44. The debt-to-equity ratio of NYSE:CCK is 3.60, while the quick ratio is 0.65, and the current ratio is 1.15. The 52-week low of this company is $42.97, and the 52-week high of this company is $90.88. 

The quarterly earnings for NYSE:CCK was announced on the 19th of October which saw an EPS of $1.96 for this quarter. This was well above the consensus estimate of $1.58 that was set by analysts. The revenue for this quarter was around $3.17 billion, with a net margin of around 4.52% and a return on equity of around 34.68%. 

NYSE:CCK is a designer, manufacturer, and seller of packaging equipment and products- something that is used as industrial products and consumer goods throughout the Americas, and Europe. 

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