Odette Annable Is Finally Pregnant After 3 Miscarriages: Couple Expecting Second Child

Odette Annable

Mother’s Day was extra special for Odette Annable and her family as she and Dave announced the long-awaited news on Instagram. They announced that they were expecting a second child and posted B&W footage of their 6-year-old daughter, Charlie, as she was surprised at the exciting news.

Odette Annable’s husband, Dave, posted that while it is not customary to give a gift to a child on Mother’s Day, there can be exceptions. She said that it was a beautiful way to celebrate the news of their second child. She said that Charlie was super excited.

Odette Annable said that it was indeed a special way to celebrate Mother’s Day as she captioned her posts. The actress mentioned that it had been a long journey to get to the stage she was on. She said she could not be more grateful and said she could not be more thankful. She said that a new episode had begun for the family.

Odette Annable Suffered Her Third Miscarriage A Year Ago In June 2021

The happy announcement comes close to a year after Annable suffered her third miscarriage in June. She and Dave were married back in 2010.

The actors share a clip on their respective pages on Instagram. Dave is seen handing his daughter Charlie a box, mentioning that it was for her. He then proceeds to help her open the gift box even as Odette assists her.

Charlie sees a toy and a USG image attached to it. Charlie is confused initially as she pulls out the toy. They realize and excitedly ask if they were going to have a baby. She asks again before her excited parents give her the news. Her face immediately lights up and she again looks at the image. Charlie places her hands on Odette Annable’s belly with the same dazed look on her face. She is happy and cheers that she would have a baby of her own.