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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Olivia Munn Rejoices As Her Son Crosses 6 Months: Introduces Malcolm to Jon Stewart Of Daily Show

Newsroom star Olivia Munn posted on Instagram as she introduced Malcolm, her adorable son with partner, comedian John Mulaney, to John Stewart. The two were recently spotted out for a walk in New York City.

She captioned the loving picture as a rare pic of Mark Twain and Jon Stewart. Olivia Munn was referring to the humor award won by the 59-year-old on Monday night, the Mark Twain Prize.

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Olivia Munn had been a correspondent on Stewart’s The Daily Show and they have stayed in touch through the years, discussing their exceptional bond in interviews.

Olivia Munn recently said that Steward was someone she still goes to for guidance on various issues. She said that Jon always had the right judgment for her.

She said that she still goes to him as he always has the sanest advice, and it would seem silly of her to ignore it. She said that he has been a help, and she would treasure it all her life.

Olivia Munn Has Recently Revealed That She Was Yet To Recover From Having A Baby

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Olivia Munn and John Mulaney welcomed Malcolm in November last year. The child came after the alum of Saturday Night Live separated from Anna Tendler 6 months earlier, her previous wife. The artist said in an interview in May 2021 that she was distraught by the decision taken by the comedian.

Tendler further said that he would support his recovery and wished him success in the future. She was speaking of his battle with cocaine and alcohol addiction and his visit to rehab in 2020.

Mulaney finalized his separation from Tendler this January and said that he had got into an incredible and beautiful relationship finally. Earlier this month Mulaney celebrated Father’s Day even as Olivia Munn jokingly said that he was Malcolm’s assistant.

Olivia recently revealed that her body was yet to fully recover from having a baby but added that she was not too concerned about it.

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