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Olivia Munn Shared Glimpes From Her Son’s First Birthday

The X-Men Apocalypse actress Olivia Munn shared photos from her son’s first birthday. Her son was introduced to the world on last year’s Christmas eve, wrapped up in a blanket a light blue beanie. The little bundle of joy kept his new mama busy afterward. She is thankful for him.

Olivia Munn Called Herself An Impatient Asian Mom

The new mom of 1 year old, Olivia Munn, looked more excited for her son Malcolm’s birthday than he is. The video she posted with holding an elephant cake and baby Malcolm looks absolutely grumpy. She shared her love for her son on social media, sharing absolutely adorable pictures. Where Malcolm sitting on his father’s lap covered in chocolate cake, which he seems to enjoy very much. After the arrival of baby Malcolm, Olivia Munn’s life changed drastically. As she shares he brought so much happiness into their lives and she can’t love him enough.

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Malcolm can be seen wearing a shorts and white shirt with a woolen crown with one on it, sitting on his father’s lap, wrapped up like a little muffin with chocolates, Olivia Munn shared the photo on Instagram. The family enjoying on the patio by the lake. And the video shows the baby boy is definitely happy with all the attention he is getting from his family, which could be a little too much for him.

Not only Malcolm’s mom Olivia Munn, showered him with love and chocolate cakes, but Mindy Kaling also commented on that post showering love for Malcolm, and Olivia Munn. Mindy Kaling congratulated her for stepping into motherhood last year. Baby Malcolm is learning to speak now, and so far he has said ‘dada’.

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