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Olivia Wilde And Harry Styles Go Out For Dinner

Apparently, both Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles are just commemorating the premiere of their latest movie, ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, with delicious Mexican dishes in Bedford, New York. They were casually dressed for their dinner outing. While Harry donned a tracksuit, Olivia wore jeans and a white T-shirt.

Olivia Wilde Always In The Eye Of The Storm

At the movie festival in Venice, most people had thought that Harry and Olivia had broken up as they looked a little cold and aloof towards each other. 

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This behavior could be attributed to the strain between Florence Pugh, the main heroine, and Olivia Wilde. The fact that both Harry and Olivia would go missing from the shooting sets did not go down well with Florence and she would be upset about it. This led to Florence ignoring Olivia Wilde’s posts about the movie but ultimately after DWD was released she did promote the movie through her socials. 

Though Florence thought Olivia Wilde was still seeing Jason Sudeikis while she was dating Harry, that was not true, a reliable source said. Florence did not approve of this ‘Holivia’ relationship at all. Shia LaBeouf the lead of DWD said that it was a lie that Olivia had sacked him. He had left because of date issues. Olivia Wilde told Stephen Colbert of The Late Show that she had said this to protect Pugh.

Executives Pam Abdy and Michael De Luca of Warner Brothers put to rest all rumors on Friday by stating that they were overwhelmed by the kind of work Olivia had done. It was an extremely engrossing and enjoyable movie. The people would like it immensely. In the future, they would love to work with her again as she was an immensely versatile and talented director.

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