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Olivia Wilde Has Shared Harry Styles’ Song On Social Media

Olivia Wilde, the latest beau of Harry Styles, uploaded a portion of Styles’ new song, “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” on her Instagram story on Friday. The tune was set to be played along with a snippet from Cold War, a movie released in 2018- which highlighted a bustling eatery that had a few patrons enjoying the ambiance. After all, they were all listening to the sultry track of the former One Direction heartthrob. The jazzy song speaks about a green-eyed beauty that is so hot that he could cook eggs on her. The song also talks about how he loves her in every kind of way. 

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles’ Relationship Getting Deeper By The Day

Just a week previously, Harry Styles had spoken pretty highly about Olivia Wilde in one of the first interviews that he had done about his director-turned-girlfriend. In his interview with Howard Stern on the set of “Don’t Worry Darling”, Styles spoke about a wonderful experience that he had with her when they first met on set. He also spoke about being directed by her- which was also a riveting experience. 

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Harry Styles went on to mention that acting was quite uncomfortable for him at times. After all, one had to trust the director a lot. Therefore, it was pretty helpful and amazing that he was able to trust Olivia Wilde, his director. He concluded it by saying that it definitely meant a really nice experience working on that particular movie. 

Olivia Wilde has also been pretty quiet about her relationship with Harry Styles but did crack a couple of jokes during CinemaCon the previous month- about how he was an up-and-coming actor. Interestingly, she also went on to address their 10-year age gap, where she stated in December 2021 that all that mattered to her was what was real- and their love was pretty real. Their dating rumors began in 2021 after Page Six went on to publish quite a few exclusive photos of them as they attended the wedding of Harry Styles’ photographer together.

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