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Friday, May 19, 2023

Stimulus Check- The Demand Is Still On

The department of the IRS has already generated over 169 million stimulus check payments. This was in the third batch of the payments. And they generated a total of 2.3 million financial aid payments in the month of July. The total amount of the payment was 1,400 USD per head. However, a number of senators belonging to the Democratic party submitted their letter demanding the recurring stimulus checks. 

Stimulus Check Demands

The administration of Joe Biden, the President of the country belonging to the Democratic Party, is currently caught in the bipartisan plan. They are trying their best to make the infrastructure bill a success. They are trying to collect every ounce of support they can to pass the bipartisan bill. The said infrastructure plan, which was agreed by the members of the US Senate on the 28th of July, does not have any provision with regard to the subject of “human infrastructure.” The total amount of the bipartisan affair is 1 trillion USD.

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It does not say anything about providing improved wages or the child care stimulus check federal aid payments. The online petition that was started in order to streamline the ongoing demand for the recurring stimulus checks from the federal government has almost reached a total of 3 million approvals which was the dedicated goal. The money is not only demanded by normal people but by lawmakers as well as some economists. And in the midst of all this, the administration of the Democratic President of the country has not given any official statement on the matter.

The rate of spread of the Delta variant in the country is high. And in those states where vaccination rates are low, the infection rates have been unmanageable. And this is only adding to the unstable nature of the economic conditions of the people as any form of public exposure must be avoided. The perfect example where this is taking place is in the state of Texas. And this is a threat to the improving economy of the country as a whole.  

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