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Friday, June 9, 2023

Opera Crypto Browser Is Now Going To Be Available On iPads And iPhones

In recent news, the Opera Crypto Browser brought out a beta version of its Web3 browser which would have a crypto wallet built-in for iPads and iPhones. The Crypto Browser for this company has already been made available for users of Mac and Windows, along with mobile users- Android- since January. The mobile release is supposed to be the latest step in the Project of Crypto Browser- which is a Web3-focused initiative for navigation through several decentralized applications, metaverse platforms, and games. 

Opera Crypto Browser Has Plans For Integration

According to the latest information brought forth by the company, the Opera Crypto Browser has several features which include the Opera wallet with support for the ecosystems of Celo, Polygon, and Ethereum to sell, buy, and transfer several tokens. Users would also be able to restore any EVM or Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible Wallet with the native wallet. This will help in the integration of existing balances and assets. 

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On the Opera Crypto Browser’s homepage, users would be able to see the latest top NFT sales along with a news aggregator called the Crypto Corner- which would come with live updates about gas fees and prices of crypto assets. This would also encompass airdrops while suggesting educational resources. The company also went on to state that the browser would come in with severe cryptocurrency mining protection that would help block any and all cryptojacking scripts that could compromise the performance of an iPad and iPhone device. 

Also, the Opera Crypto Browser has already brought in the support of eight different blockchain ecosystems- Solana, Bitcoin, Polygon, Ronin, StarkEx, Celo, IXO, and Nervos Network. The company has also mentioned that it would be bringing its plans for integrating more Proof-of-stake chains in the near future.

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