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Operation Christmas Drop: Christmas Season Starts With Netflix Original

Did you know that the title of this movie is actually a military mission? Yes! Operation Christmas Drop is shown to be an annual Christmas tradition dating back to the year 1952. The communities in Micronesia are provided with essential supplies airlifted by the US Air Force. Now let us move on to the part you are here for.

What makes this Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig starred movie different, is the fact that it has detached itself from the obvious Christmas setting (the snow cold weather). Instead, it is set on the balmy South Pacific beach with tropical scenery.

Let Us Dig Deeper Into Netflix’s Operation Christmas Drop…

1. Talking about the genre, what makes Operation Christmas Drop a Netflix Original Christmas Movie?

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First, let me tell you that there is such a thing as a Netflix Original Christmas movie and that it is now a genre (not a thing). There are a bunch of movies that release every year with the quintessential Netflix Original Christmas features. 

Moving on to the framework, this movie falls under the banner of being a quippery one. It has a close familiarity with randoms rom coms. The kind where regular mutual likeness is shown to be a kind of romantic chemistry.

Operation Christmas Drop
Operation Christmas Drop

2. Character portrayal

The female protagonist is from Washington. She is a woman with bright future plans for herself. She is also someone with some unresolved family issues.

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Moving on to the male protagonist who is full of humanitarian principles. Professionally an air force serviceman, he is someone who values to put helping others over his own personal relationships. 

With their ‘not very contrasting yet not very complementing’ personalities, they come close. They work on their differences and become lovers during the lovely Christmas season.

3. Plot

With the icy Angie Bradford, a congresswoman, having been appointed as the head of the Base Realignment and Closure Commission, things are about to change for the people in Micronesia. She goes on to make some tough decisions on some necessary closures concerning Operation Christmas Drop especially after knowing that the Andersen Air Force Base was known for the Christmas drop thing and not militarily. 

This is where Kat Graham enters. She is sent by the icy congresswomen to do some research and report back to her. What happens after that? The handsome and giving air force man changes her. She is made to realize that there can be no better thing than charity. 

‘How is Christmas supposed to make you feel?’, is what the movie Operation Christmas Drop is about. It sets a low bar for itself with a sunny disposition. Perhaps that’s the Netflix Christmas movie in a roast chestnut shell.

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